The variety of countertop surface materials and colours has never been wider or of better quality. Here are a few of the most popular counter materials we love to work with.


Quartz is the perfect blend of natural stone and human innovation. Quartz is a natural mineral mined out of the ground, and is blended with a polymer resin to make it twice as hard as granite. Since quartz can be mined in a pure white colour, it can be dyed to make almost any colour variation or vein pattern. 

Popular Brands:

Raw White Quartz


Granite is a natural material that is cut from the earth in slabs. It is by far the most common and well known solid surface in the cabinetry design industry. It can come in a wide variety of patterns and colours, from nearly solid colours to very textured, veining patterns.



One of the newest players in the game is actually a product similar to porcelain tiles, but in large format. These new solid surfaces were originally created for exterior applications due to their fire resistance and durability in the elements. Once colours and patterns similar to natural stone were introduced, indoor applications grew in popularity.

Popular Brands:

Enns Cabinetry Showroom


Marble is a beautiful natural stone. Like granite, it is also cut from large mountainsides in full slabs. Marbles are typically more uniform in colour with flowing veins throughout. A majority of marbles are a variation of white with grey or black veins running through them. Marble is a beautiful stone, but it’s durability isn’t as high as granite. It is a porous mineral, so it is not recommended for food preparation applications.


Marble Counter with Full Height Backsplash in our Showroom


Glass is not something people typically think of when it comes to counters, but it is a very unique, impressive material that you won’t see very often. To get the full glory of it, you need to under light it or back light it. The glass is non-porous, so it is anti-bacterial and mold resistant.



Traditionally laminate has been the most popular counter material. It is one of the most affordable – as well as durable – materials. And because it is a man-made synthetic material, the colours, patterns, and textures possible are vast. Laminate’s have come a long way from the plain, solid colours from when they first hit the market.