What’s Under The Hood

Traditionally, a hood fan was an obligatory appliance.

The Traditional Hood Fan

Despite best efforts by manufacturers to make its appearances as minimalistic as possible, it was still an eyesore. It was a “work horse” appliance, necessary but not desired.

But as with all technology, hood fans got better: quieter, smaller, and more efficient. Soon they weren’t a necessary evil. All of a sudden designers could incorporate hoods as design elements rather that squeezing them in wherever they had the space.

There are many different brands, styles, colours, and design options available, including a custom built hood to match your kitchen. Below are just a few examples of hood fans you can work into your new custom kitchen.


pym-10-copyOriginally geared towards the commercial kitchen, stainless steel hoods are used in nearly all restaurants, from fast food to fine dining.

Combined with a more heavy duty, “industrial” type range – like the Wolf shown here – the stainless steel hood gives the professional touch within the comfort of your own home.





Ocostantini-kitchen-5nce wood entered the picture, with the ability to put a fan into a custom designed and manufactured hood, the potential for what was possible went through the roof.

Now you could make the hood any shape or design, colour, or size you wanted.



Wa-miller-2hether you wanted it to match your kitchen cabinets, or be a totally different, contrasting material and colour – the choice is completely yours.


Sometimes you need to have a hood fan, but _mg_4315-editdon’t want to draw attention to it.

You can do this by getting a hood that covers the absolute minimum required space.

Although you still have to have something showing, the key is to having it compliment the style of your kitchen, while remaining minimal in its appearance.



Zephyr “Horizon” Wall Hood

As people got more and more comfortable with making hoods a focal point in a kitchen, they soon started to think outside the box even more. As a standalone item in the kitchen, they could become unique, almost pieces of art on display.
Shown here are the Zephyr Horizon Wall & Miele

Miele “Decorator” Wall Hood



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