Game of Thrones meets Quartz Counters

Cambria Quartz has long been regarded as the industry leader in North American solid surfaces. Cambria is owned by the Davis family, lead by Marty Davis – a business magnate in the dairy industry. The Davis family traces its heritage back to Wales, which is why the names of Cambria Quartz colours mostly derive from Welsh cities.

It is this Welsh history that inspired the creation of the “Legend of Cambria” film. The film – which runs just shy of 40 minutes and is narrated by famed actor Colin Farrell – has a  production quality that is equal to that of a Hollywood film. It’s clear that this was more than just a simple marketing campaign.




The story follows a young boy who is thrust into confusion and wandering after his family and kingdom are betrayed and overthrown by a tyrannical outsider. His journey leads him to unknown lands, following the internal guidance of his mother –  a casualty of the battle that cast him out of his home. After establishing a new home, life, kingdom, and being reunited with some long lost friends, he must face his greatest adversary and reclaim the throne that he was robbed of at an early age.

According to Shelly Nelson of Cambria, the story is based on a 12th Century Welsh legend.



The film isn’t intended as another ad, showcasing product that sets them apart from their competitors. It is the identity of a brand. As CEO Marty Davis says a the “Behind the Scenes” clip:

We had a variety of ideas to really find a brand identity. Cambria really needed a kingdom. We needed a home and really needed to fashion a foundation of the company around that history. We dug deeply into that era of Cambria, that region in history, that mythology. From that the legend of Cambria was born.


You can watch the film HERE or check out Cambria Surfaces on Youtube.


Legend of Cambria